Change is in the Air

We are pleased to announce some exciting change to the #educoach chat!

The #educoach chat has had a strong Twitter presence since July 27, 2011.  The chat was founded by Kathy Perret, Shira Leibowitz and Jessica Johnson. The trio has co-moderated #educoach most every Wednesday evening for 6.5 years. The dedication of all participants has brought such joy and has deepened their own coaching mindset. As #educoach developed over the years, so did Kathy, Shira and Jessica’s friendship and love of coaching – resulting in the recent publication of their first book together – The Coach Approach to School Leadership: Leading Teachers to Higher Levels of Effectiveness.

Soon, Kathy, Shira and Jessica will be launching a new chat called #coachapproach. The time/date will be announced soon. Yet, we know it isn’t time to end #educoach. Each week educators new to the chat join us and express appreciation for finding a Tribe to call their own. We firmly believe in the power of networking with a strong PLN.

So, rather than say good-bye, we are making a few changes. We are excited to announce the addition of several co-moderators. During the coming weeks we will be transitioning with this change. Each chat will be co-moderated by 2 or 3 from the team. You will notice moderators change throughout the month. Please consider following our new team members on Twitter so you get use to seeing their names! Kathy Perret will continue to stay on as a co-moderator. Jessica Johnson and Shira Leibowitz will join when their schedules allow.

Lauren Smith – @lsmith0917

Nancy Wright – @IAteacherNan

Kenny McKee – @kennycmckee

Jennifer Bell – @jkjohnsonbell

Janet Avery – @averyteach

Allison Walker@realAllisonW

Our team will be working to enhance the #educoach experience. Our first order of business is the creation of this website. It is a work in progress! Watch for other changes to be announced as they are developed.

One thing that WON’T change is our Twitter Chat time spot. We will continue to chat each Wednesday at 8pm CST.

We look forward to connecting with all of you.




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